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    From past seasons we are seeing how the shine or glitter has been making space in each of our clothes and looks. And I say 'each one' because they are no longer exclusive to night looks, but the day to day street style has also become adept at carrying

    Previously, we had seen the jewel shoes, and if you have gone out on the street you have also noticed many bright shoes, especially sneakers or sneakers.

    In small doses or in more striking quantities, this basic garment closes with brightness, to get even more out of its more traditional designs, adding a touch of glam to any look, no matter how simple it may be.

    In addition, the truth is that having a shoe with these characteristics is a good way for the more conservative, to insert in the glitter trend without having to carry it in large quantities.
    Camilla - Your days with glitter - Sneakers
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    Hotpants Rag & Bone
    Lifestyle: Colorful! - 3 September 2018
    A style and color for these days when the summer is over, still loaded with those striking and warm fabrics and at the same time extremely elegant and comfortable.

    And that combination makes and will continue to show its potential for women's clothing at a time when the girls decided to remain queens of fashion and beauty, by striking sets, contrasting and above all, very comfortable.

    Take advantage of a fashion that increasingly opens the way to more exotic trends for all tastes, with an incredible sense of contrast of colors and design from the usual classic.

    Here we give you an example, with this look that we present below full of bright and comfortable colors and fabrics.

    A blouse in two shades of pink, with transparency of adornment and bulging sleeves joins in contrast, a very comfortable worn jeans shorts and slippers that will take you wherever you want!
    Camilla - Colorful! - Hotpants Rag & Bone