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    Waistcoat Amazigen
    It seems that time is getting a bit crazy this fall. As soon as we are warm with layers and layers of clothes and the next day, we have the feeling of having gone back in time and be in full August. That's why I decided on this look. The dress is super soft gauze and is super comfortable to wear as it allows us to wrap up (despite all we are in November !!) but without spending a terrible heat which comes to be appreciated. And how!! I have combined it with a bluish gray long-haired vest that combines great with it and cowboy boots (my favorite!) From the brand Corral boots that feel like a glove. As you can see, a super versatile dress that admits infinite combinations; leather belts on the waist, hair jackets ..... I have shown you my choice and I hope you like it very much. Tell me how you would take it!
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